About Far From Sweden

Hi! My name is Linda. A Swedish girl who has been travelling since the age of 28 days. So far I've explored 41 countries and lived abroad for 8 years. Now I want share my passion for travelling and inspire others to explore this beautiful world, especially through nature and hiking.

What is Far From Sweden all about?

This is my personal website where I share my adventures, travel itineraries and travel tips. You will find hidden gems, exciting new destinations and a lot of hiking and nature trips. I am an outdoorsy person so most of my destinations involve jaw-dropping nature.

How it all began?

Like I mentioned, I made my first trip at the age of 28 days. I can’t say I remember anything but I believe it has a big impact on who I am today. At the age of 28 days I travelled half the world, from Australia to Sweden (Yes, I am born in Australia but I am a Swedish citizen).

I have my parents to thank for many of my adventures but my own adventure started at the age of 16. This was the first time I travelled alone, and not just a normal trip. I decided to live and study in a completely different country, culture and language. I left Sweden for 10 months in Mexico as an exchange student. This changed my life forever! In Mexico I met wonderful people that showed me a completely different way of living and this taught me to be a open-minded person. My passion for travelling was born! I fell in love with the life abroad and the freedom that comes with it.

This led to another big adventure in my life, this time shared with my partner Joachim. We travelled and worked around the world for one year, working 8 months in New Zealand and visiting six other countries along the way. This is where I started my first blog with the purpose of keeping loved ones updated on our one-year trip around the world.

Now I live with Joachim in an apartment in Gothenburg along with our two cats. I work a full time job and try to travel as much as I can. I believe we are meant to live life to the fullest, for me that means to travel and explore the world.

Fun Facts

Favourite country?
It's a hard pic one but New Zealand, Canada, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Slovenia and Cook Islands are amazing places!

My travel dream?
Backpacking in South America exploring the Inca Trail, Rainbow Mountains, Patagonia and the Amazon and hike to Base Camp of Mt Everest.

My favourite hikes?
Mt Mangart (Slovenia), Black Tusk (Canada), Kalaulua Trail, Na Pali (Hawaii) and Tongariro Alpine Crossing (New Zealand)