A complete panoramic view package of Cape Town: the city bowl, the Twelve Apostles, the ocean, as well as Table Mountain. This hike is definitely a must-do when visiting this beautiful city so don’t miss out on Table Mountain’s smaller brother - Lion’s head!


There are plenty of reasons to hike up Lion’s Head, not only for the 360 degree views, but also as it is a relatively easy hike (there are two ways to the top) and also its quite a short hike as you can do it all in 2 hours. I although recommend to stay and enjoy the views at the top so don’t rush it.

A lot of people hike Lion’s Head either at sunrise or sunset. I completely understand why, the light from the sunset was incredible! A magical place to see the sunset paint Cape Town and the ocean in different colours.   

Lion’s Head sits at 669 meters above sea level and the trails circles around the mountain meaning you will be getting views in all directions. We took the path with the chains and ladders but realized afterwards that there is an alternative route to the top that goes around the chain section. That’s a recommendation for those of you that feel chains are a bit scary. While climbing back down it was starting to turn dark and the city lights were starting to sparkle from below, also a magnificent sight making this experience one of my top activities to do in Cape Town!

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