The best view of the trip

To stand on top of a mountain at 2679 meters and see the Alps of three countries up close is an amazing feeling! Gorgeous nature and rugged dramatic landscape of numerous peaks is what to expect when you hike this beauty.

Duration: 4h (return)
Difficulty: 7/10 (Italian route)
Elevation gain: 630 meters
Round type: Out & Back
Season: Summer and Fall
Trail Condition: Good

Just driving the road to Mangart Saddle, the startline of the hike, is worth the visit. Some people might think it's a bit scary to drive here as it's narrow and steep cliffs on one side of the road. It’s Slovenia’s highest road and it will take you above 2000 meters just below the rocky summit. Mt Mangart is the fourth highest mountain in Slovenia and a very popular hike in summer due to easy access and magnificent views.

There are two routes to the summit; the Slovene route that is pretty difficult and it’s recommended to use climbing equipment, and the Italian hike that is easier. Notice that I’m saying easier and not easy. The Italian hike is well maintained but can be pretty demanding on a hot summer day. The hike is short but the incline is steep so give yourself 4 hours to get up and down. We chose the Italian route!  

The start of the hike is a lovely green patio of grass with cute sheep enjoying a nap. Walking on a ridge towards the pyramid shaped summit of Mt Mangart you have a wonderful view of a valley and blue lakes. Around this point we started to get text-messages welcoming us to Italy, Slovenia and Austria. This is because Mt Mangart is located on the border between Italy and Slovenia but also very close to Austria.  

The route continues and the nature changes to a more rugged feeling. It is pretty steep at some places and it’s definitely not for the people afraid of heights although the views are still as amazing. You will understand you are close to the top when the wind starts playing with your hair and the temperature drops a little bit. Reaching the top is really impressive! To see all the peaks of of three countries up close is such a cool feeling. I can say that this is the best view of the whole trip - dramatic, stunning and absolutely wonderful 🙂

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