Slovenia, where shall I begin? You blew me away and then I fell in love with you. A small country I hardly knew anything about a year ago and now it’s on my top 5!

I found this Swedish travel blog,, and according to them Slovenia was one of the best adventure countries in the world. When they compared it to New Zealand I was hooked. If someone compares it to my favourite country I need to check it out. Lucky me I live pretty close to Slovenia. Half a year later I was on my way to explore this breathtaking beauty. 

The destinations and highlights of Slovenia


An Outdoor Activity Mecca
The small town of Bovec is located in the heart of the Julian Alps with stunning mountains surrounding and the crystal clear Soca River running next to it. With the Triglav National Park all around it you will easily spend a week here. As we didn’t have that time we narrowed down our outdoor activities to hiking mountains, chasing waterfalls and Canyoning. Our favourite hike and outdoor activity, Canyoning, were both in this area. It’s hard to dislike a place like this.

Hiking Mt Mangart - the best views of the whole trip
Canyoning - best adventure acitivity in Slovenia!
Slap Virje - chasing waterfalls in Bovec
Slap Boka - chasing waterfalls in Bovec

Logarska Dolina 

The feeling of Sound of Music
Is known to be one of the most beautiful Alpine glacial valleys in Europe and a landmark in Slovenia. As you enter this valley you are greeted by a big meadow of flowers and stunning mountains rising behind. In this particular place it feels like being in the movie, Sound Of Music. The valley is also home to numerous hikes and places to stay.

Robanov Kot

Stunning and peaceful glacial valley
Logarska Dolina is the most famous and visited glacial valley in Slovenia, although I fell in love with its sister, Robanov Kot. Equally stunning but more tranquil and peaceful as it hosts far less visitors. For us to spend a night at the Govc-Vrsnik Tourist Farm made our experience more genuine and pleasant. You stay on the farm and eat the food from the farm. It brings you closer to the culture, nature, the food and the history of the place. If we had the time this is a place I would have loved to experience more of.  

Bled and Bohinj 

The perfect weekend getaway
With its scenic island in the middle of the lake, Bled, is another beautiful landmark of Slovenia. A vibrant and touristy town situated next to stunning views of lakes and mountains. I understand why so many people visit this place as its home to plenty of activities and a perfect weekend getaway. If you prefer less people, the relaxed town of Bohinj next to Bled is your choice. It offers the same stunning views of mountains and lakes, just less crowded. These places are just picture-perfect!


The capital of Slovenia
This city definitely surprised us. Its colourful, interesting and is home to a cute and cozy city centre with cobblestone and numerous bridges. It has small cafés and restaurants along the river which makes this part of the city very vibrant. It also has a castle overlooking the city where you can find an incredible view. 

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