The Do’s

Chasing waterfalls
Kauai is the home to the wettest point on earth. This means the island is filled with magnificent waterfalls. Do you like hiking and being rewarded with a swim all alone in the roaring waterfall with lush beauty surrounding you? This is exactly what I experienced when hiking to Hanakoa waterfall. Another more easily accessed waterfall is Wailua waterfall. Just a 10 minutes hike and you reach the waterfall. If you are not afraid to get wet and have good balance, I recommend to hike behind the waterfall!

Relax on paradise beaches
For me Kauai was paradise for stunning beaches with clear blue water, beautiful white sand and a nice coral reef. My favourite beaches were the ones where lush green jungles meets golden sand beaches. The mountains of Kauai just adds an extra dimension to the beaches. There are plenty of beaches to chose from and they are not so crowded either. Check out my favourite beaches.

Snorkel with turtles
It’s an amazing feeling to swim next to the turtles who are bobbing in the water along with the waves. The Green Sea Turtle or Honu are the most common sea turtles on Kauai. They can be spotted around the beaches and shores of Kauai. I was able to swim with them along Hideaway Beach and Na Pali Coast. We also saw them in Hanalei Bay. Don’t forget to bring your snorkel gear to the beach!

Hike Wamiea Canyon and Na Pali Coast
Two natural wonders of the world situated on the small island of Kauai. These can’t be missed and the best way to discover these natural wonders is to hike them! Na Pali Coast is undoubtedly the most incredible place I have seen in Hawaii and maybe also in the world. The hike, Kalalau Trail, is situated perfectly between the ocean and steep lush cliffs. Everywhere you look there is lush greenery, unspoiled beaches, roaring waterfalls and epic views. Check out the hike.

Waimea Canyon on the other hand is almost 1000 meters tall cliffs with lush green foliage along with reddish lava beds and numerous waterfall. It looks like a greener version of the Grand Canyon. Here you will discover unforgettable panoramic views. For more info on Waimea Canyon.

Boat trip along Na Pali Coast
There are plenty of ways to experience the stunning Na Pali Coast - hike it, helicopter tours and boat tours. We chose a boat tour with only 7 passengers which we definitely didn’t regret. Taking a boat trip along the coast is the perfect way to have a view over the magnificent mountains and the crystal clear water. On the boat trip we snorkeled with sea turtles and spotted plenty of dolphins. A perfect way to spend the day and a mecca for photography.

Rent a car and drive around the islands
There are so many places to explore on Kauai and there isn’t really any other way to get around the island than to rent a car. This isn’t the place where you just stay in one place - this island needs to be explored! We had a car during the whole stay and used it every day to get to different beaches, towns, waterfalls and attractions. Definitely a must!

The Dont’s

Poipu Beach
It’s hard to find something on Kauai to fit my list of “Don’ts” as everything here is amazing and enjoyable. Although there was one ne place that disappointed me, Poipu Beach. It was overrated and too crowded. In my opinion there are plenty of other beaches that are less crowded and twice as beautiful. It just felt too touristy for me!

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