I love Hawaii! The fish and seafood is to die for. The numerous food trucks with locally made food are delicious. The people here are so nice - talkative, helpful and they take their time to give you tips on what to do. Another thing I like about the people is their relaxed lifestyle and they don’t honk in the traffic. Definately no stress on these islands!

I also loved driving around the island with reggae music playing in the radio. The jaw-dropping nature, the sandy beaches, magical sunsets and the perfect climate and temperature just makes Hawaii paradise on earth!

The Do's

  1. Relax on paradise beaches
    I guess this is a pretty obvious but it has to be said. The beaches on Oahu are amazing! If you are looking for long white sandy beaches with crystal clear water?, Oahu has it. Maybe you want great spots to snorkel with colourful fish and turtles, Oahu has it too! For the person who just doesn’t want to relax, you can find world top ranked beaches for surfing, kitesurfing and plenty of other water sports. All beaches on Oahu are public which means you have endless opportunities to explore. So just don’t stay on the beach near your hotel, explore the beauty around the island! Check out my favourite beaches on Oahu.  

  2. Try the surfer’s life  
    Hawaii is world famous for surfing. People visit Oahu just to ride the beautiful waves of the Pacific. So cease this opportunity and try the surfers life for an hours or two. It is such a blast and a great feeling being able to stand up on the board, feel the salted wind in the face and ride a wave all the way into the beach. It can’t be described, you have to try it! Check out the place I learnt how to surf.

  3. Hike craters
    Most of you might know that the islands of Hawaii are home to active volcanoes, these are located on the island of Big Hawaii. Oahu has also once been an island with active volcanoes but today you have the perfect opportunity to hike these dormant volcanoes in a secure way. The most popular one is Diamond Head and is located next to Honolulu. The other less famous one is called Koko Head and is situated a bit north of Diamond Head, both accessible by car. When you have parked the car you have a nice hike surrounded by incredible nature. When you reach the top you have a beautiful panoramic view over the island and the ocean. It is spectacular to stand on the rim and look down into the crater and imagine this once was an exploding volcano. For more information on hiking these craters.

  4. Explore Honolulu and Waikiki
    I am no citygirl but this city I like! The thing that struck me the most when arriving to Honolulu was the relaxed atmosphere. Even though Honolulu is a large city (in my Swedish eyes) everyone seemed so calm and easygoing. The awesome mixture of skyscrapers, long beautiful beaches, active people enjoying SUP, surfing kayaking and nature lurking around the corner made it easy to fall in love with this city. Check out my favourite gems in Honolulu.

  5. Rent a car and drive around the island
    I like Honolulu and Waikiki but there is so much more to explore on Oahu - breathtaking nature, small cozy towns and less crowded beaches. The drive itself is a real pleasure. The roads are good and you will find nice lookouts and local boutiques and places to eat along the way. We rented a car for 4 days in Oahu, definitely worth it!

  6. Try the local cuisine
    I fell in love with the fish and seafood in Hawaii, also the fresh fruit is heavenly! After staying on Oahu over a week we found our favourite places to eat. Our absolute favourites are the smoothie bowls at Bogart’s and the Lemongrass Fire Shrimps at Sharks Cove are to die for. For more info about our favourite places to eat

  7. Kayak on Kailua & Lanikai Beach
    These two beaches themselves are worth visiting for its soft sand and aqua blue sea. It is definitely a paradise among the Hawaiian Beaches. The water here is calm year round and is one of the few beaches on Oahu with no shore break waves. This makes it a perfect beach to rent a Kayak and explore Oahu from the sea. For the more adventurous person you have a nice kayak tour out to two small islands famous for  its seabirds.


The Don'ts


  1. Waimea Falls
    To get to the Waimea Falls you have to walk through a beautiful Botanical Garden but as soon as we reached the falls all the beauty faded away. There are so many people at this place and it feels a lot like a giant tourist trap. There are people working at the park up by the falls handing out life vests (mandatory) and doing safety demonstrations. I agree this is a good thing but it didn’t feel genuine at all. Loads of people bumping into each other in their life vests isn’t my cup of tea! I guess this is a good place for children but for me it felt like a tourist trap and I will not visit it again.

  2. Dole Plantation
    Another touristy attraction that wasn’t my cup of tea. I know pineapples are very important for Hawaii but this place didn’t give any cultural value. It just felt like a huge gift shop. I although recommend you to stop and share a pineapple ice cream!



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