The best way to experience Waimea Canyon is definitely to hike it. We chose the Waipoo Falls hike which didn’t disappoint. The Waipoo Falls is a 245 meter cascading waterfall in the heart of Waimea Canyon and the trail ends at the top of the falls. For me the waterfall wasn’t the highlight of the trail, the phenomenal views from the rim of the canyon was definitely the thing that blew my mind away!

Length: 2,7 km (one way)
Difficulty: 5/10
Elevation gain: 430 meters
Round type: Out & Back
Season: Year-round
Trail Condition: Well-maintained

The trail begins between the 14 and 15 miles markers along the Waimea Canyon Drive. It is a tranquil and moderate hike that starts by gradually descending into the jungle. This part of the trail provides beautiful views of the lush nature. After around 1 kilometer the trail changes dramatically from jungle, to exposed ridgeline. After a small hike uphill you will reach the top of the ridgeline in Waimea Canyon.

WOW – this part of the hike is breathtaking! Undoubtedly the highlight of the hike. As you can see from the photos above, this is a stunning spot with phenomenal views. Here you will find magnificent photo opportunities.

From the ridgeline, it is a short walk down the Waipoo Falls. As the trail ends at the top of the falls there isn’t a good view over Waipoo Falls. If you want to have a good view, I recommend to check out the Waimea Canyon Lookout. Here you will spot the waterfall from distance. The end of the trail provides hikers with the opportunity to swim in the pools and small waterfalls.  

The Waipoo Falls Hike is well signed and a great hike that I recommend everyone who visits the Natural Wonder of Waimea Canyon. For more information about Waimea Canyon, click here.

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