Waimea Bay

This is my favourite beach to watch the sunset from, it’s the perfect location to see the vibrant colours light up the sky and the sun disappear into the horizon. This beach is less crowded than all the other beaches, I guess the reason is the big waves and the lack of sea life and corals. Although you will love this beach if you like more space and less people. You are in for a treat if you end the day at Shark’s Cove, definitely the best Food Truck on Oahu – I just love their Lemongrass Fire Shrimps! It is located just 3 minutes north of Waimea Bay!

Kailua Beach

It’s hard to pick your favourite beach on Oahu as there are so many beautiful beaches with different characteristics. If your are looking for a long white sandy beach with crystal blue water and beautiful mountains in the background, this is your pick! The beach is perfect for a long nice walk along the pristine water. Here the waves a smaller and calmer so the beach is great for paddling kayak and go kitesurfing! As it’s such a long beach you are also able find your own spot without getting the feeling of a crowded beach.

Lanikai Beach

Is located just south of Kailua Beach. We heard this should be the most beautiful beach on Oahu but I’m not sure if I agree. Don’t misunderstand, it is definitely a beautiful beach! We hired kayaks and paddled our way to the beach, it’s was such great fun the ride the waves into the beach! We didn’t have much time so we never made it to the island of Mokulua so we spent most time on the beach and went snorkeling. This beach has better snorkeling compared to Kailua Beach but Lanikai beach is smaller and more crowded.

Hauanama Bay

Everyone told us to arrive early as it gets very crowded and full very quickly. This beach is the most touristy and they take an entrance fee of 7,5 dollars per person. We arrived at 6 and found out that there wasn’t an entrance fee before 7 so we didn’t have to pay! We had the most wonderful morning witnessing the sky painted pink from the sunrise. You can’t see the actual sunrise from the bay but the sky and the colours are amazing anyway! Walking down to the beach you see all the corals making beautiful patterns in the water. Hauanama Bay is a perfect place to go snorkeling and spot amazing sea life. The corals weren’t much to cheer for but the wildlife was another cup of tea – small, big, colourful fishes and 100 of fishes swimming in shoals! Unfortunately we didn’t get to see any turtles but the fishes were used to people so you  were able to get up close, which was a treat!

Waikkiki Beach

As our hotel was situated in Waikiki, we spent a lot of time at the beach. To be honest this isn’t the most beautiful beach in Hawaii but it is full of life! On our first day it was really busy with both a beach volleyball tournament and a running competition. It was so refreshing to see so many active people hanging out on the beach! During the other days we could spot plenty of people surfing, kayaking, SUP and people relaxing in a hammock between two palm trees.

Waikiki Beach is actually several beaches next to each other with a total length of 2,5 km of sand between your toes. It is really nice to take a stroll along the beach at sunset but be prepared of all the people, it is a popular beach for both visitors and locals. Another great thing about Waikiki Beach is that you have everything so close – restaurants, shops and markets are just a couple of meters from the beach, never making Waikiki Beach a boring place to hang out. We spent most of the time at the east part of the beach as we found it less crowded there – just a tip!

Laniakea Beach

This is the famous beach to see Hawaiian honus – green sea turtles! There are no signs leading to this beach, although it is not very difficult to find it as there are cars parked all along the road next to the beach. It can be very busy and crowded at this beach as everyone wants to snap a photo of sunbathing sea turtles. We didn’t actually see any sunbathing turtles but we got some action by the shore. We spotted 4 turtles having fun in the crushing waves just by the beach. In Hawaii there is a huge fine if you touch a turtle – so respect and keep in  mind to hold your distance to keep these beautiful creatures safe.

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