Bogarts café and Espresso Bar
- serves breakfast all day and is definitely my favourite place to have breakfast in Hawaii! Many places in Honolulu and Waikiki feels very touristy but even though there were some tourist at Bogart’s it still felt very authentic and local. It is small, simple, fresh and cozy. As we had breakfast here at least three times it was a common site to see locals come in with their flip flops to order breakfast after their morning workout. We definitely understood why it is so popular, their Acai Bowl are to die for! The cold fruity sweetness with a great mixture of crunch is so perfect on this sunny paradise island.

Bogart’s Café is situated on the east side of Honolulu, just outside Waikiki. It doesn’t look much on the outside but it is the quality of the food that attracts so many visitors. Don’t forget to bring cash, no credit cards are accepted.  
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Goofy’s Café and Dine
- we found this little gorgeous place on our last day in Hawaii. Is is very busy so be prepared to wait for a table. The atmosphere feels like a luxurious surf shack. They only serve local Hawaiian food and I had the most wonderful french toast full with fresh fruit. Goofy’s is located on the west side of Waikiki.
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- Tripadvisor is my best friend when checking out new restaurants while travelling, we found Duke's on Tripadvisor and it wasn't a disappointment. It is located just by Waikiki Beach and had a nice touristy but still relaxed vibe around it. We had the most delicious Coconut Mojitos and fish tacos!
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Waikiki Beach
- As our hotel was situated in Waikiki, we spent a lot of time at the beach. To be honest this isn’t the most beautiful beach in Hawaii but it is full of life! On our first day it was crazy busy with both a beach volleyball tournament and a running competition. It was so refreshing to see so many active people hanging out on the beach! During the other days we could spot plenty of people surfing, kayaking, SUP and people relaxing in a hammock between two palm trees.

Waikiki Beach is actually several beaches next to each other with a total length of 2,5 km of sand between your toes. It is really nice to take a stroll along the beach at sunset but be prepared of all the people, it is a popular beach for both visitors and locals. Another great thing about Waikiki Beach is that you have everything so close - restaurants, shops and markets are just a couple of meters from the beach, never making Waikiki Beach a boring place to hang out. We spent most of the time at the east part of the beach (closer to Diamond Head) as we found it less crowded there - just a tip!

Pearl Harbour
- this is a perfect place for a history lover or if you want to learn more about the World War II and the attack against Pearl Harbour. It is a nice area and I really appreciated that we took the time to visit this site. It is a good exhibition and a lot of interesting things to take part of. If you wish to enter the USS Arizona Memorial you need to book tickets in advance or arrive early in the morning (around 7am).
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